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Ricotta and Beef Meatballs

This weekend I was perusing Food & Wine and came across a recipe for meatballs inspired by an amazing new Italian restaurant in Los Angeles called Bestia.  The recipe seemed pretty straightforward, and since Patrick loves meatballs, I thought it … Continue reading

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BEST Citrus Cake EVER with Blueberries

Since Nicki’s boyfriend, Matt, has been in Uganda, and my fiance, Patrick, likes to have happy hour with his friends after work on Friday until 11 p.m., Nicki and I have started a new tradition on Friday nights – we … Continue reading

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Summer Lentil Succotash (and as a wrap!)

Following on my theme of making delicious foods with yummy, fresh in-summer produce, this recipe uses cherry tomatoes and corn to bring out the best of summer.  You can eat these lentils on their own, or as a wrap (that … Continue reading

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Mexican Slaw Salad

Not only is summer great for strawberries, but it’s also great for corn!  This recipe was born from my desire to use various veggies I bought at the farmers’ market – corn, peppers, cilantro, tomatoes.  Patrick and I liked this … Continue reading

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Tarragon and Mustard Chicken

I recently saw a take on this recipe in Food & Wine, and decided to make it for Patrick and me with a bit of a healthier twist.  It turned out so yummy and made a great meal.  I hope … Continue reading

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Roasted Curried Carrot Soup

Carrot soup, pureed and smooth, is always a delicious treat.  But it’s not always filling enough.  This recipe incorporates the simple flavors of carrots and curry with other filling ingredients like beans and almonds to make a delicious soup that … Continue reading

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Protein-Packed Caesar Salad

Over time, I have really learned to love Caesar salad – it’s salty, flavorful, creamy, and fully of umami flavor.  However, the dressing is often heavy, high in fat/calories, and sometimes contains more sophisticated tastes (raw eggs, anchovies).  This recipe … Continue reading

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Citrus Salad with a Creamy Poppy Dressing

When Patrick and I decided on our Christmas menu, we thought a simple salad would be good.  But when Patrick suggested adding something sweet to lettuce, I remembered a recipe I had snipped from Food and Wine for a citrus … Continue reading

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Green Cauliflower and Olive Toss

The library has become one of my favorite places – it’s peaceful, there are so many things to choose from, and it’s free!  The library in Santa Monica felt like a Borders where everything was free the first time I … Continue reading

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Spanish Chickpea Stew

I don’t know about you all, but I am a big fan of chickpeas, and when I saw a recipe in the Moosewood Restaurant Celebrates cookbook for Spanish chickpeas with saffron and paprika, I was sold.  This stew is adapted … Continue reading

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