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Jewish Brisket (Grandma Gloria’s recipe)

With the Jewish holidays recently passed, and the baby in my belly asking me to eat a little more beef than usual, I felt like whipping up a brisket.  Grandma sent me this recipe while I was in college and … Continue reading

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Noodle Pudding (Grandma Gloria’s Noodle Kugel)

For Rosh Hashanah, Nik and Zach hosted a delicious dinner with a delicious sweet, noodle kugel on the menu.  After eating it, I had a craving for my grandma’s noodle pudding, a sweet combination of egg noodles, raisins and mandarin … Continue reading

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Below is a recipe for the most delicious cookies you will ever taste.  I have to admit, they take a bit of work.  But even though the first time I made them, I told Patrick I wasn’t sure the effort … Continue reading

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While Channukah is still a couple of weeks away, given our family members’ busy schedules, and the plan that we would be celebrating my birthday, we decided to roll Channukah in.  And of course, Channukah would not be complete without … Continue reading

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Versunkener Apfelkuchen (Sunken Apple Honey Cake)

Sitting at my desk at work yesterday, Smitten Kitchen posted a new recipe, and it couldn’t have been more timely, Sunken Apple Honey Cake on erev Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year when we eat apples and honey to celebrate … Continue reading

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Tsimmis Chicken

For our Christmas entree, we decided to make chicken with a Jewish twist (go figure).  This chicken is great because it is pretty easy to make and is really a one pan meal – it has protein, veggies, and carbs.  … Continue reading

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Grandpa Julie’s Favorite Borscht

This weekend I cooked three things – two of which are favorites of various family members.  This recipe is for borscht, which is an Eastern-European cold beet soup.  It might not sound great, and if you have ever eaten the … Continue reading

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