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2-Bean Chili Mac & Cheese

Doesn’t the title just sound like heaven in a bowl?  What’s better than some tasty chili or a creamy bowl of mac and cheese?  How about both put together! This week, Britt and I decided to cook dinner for the … Continue reading

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Below is a recipe for the most delicious cookies you will ever taste.  I have to admit, they take a bit of work.  But even though the first time I made them, I told Patrick I wasn’t sure the effort … Continue reading

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Magic One-Pot Pasta

Thanks to our friends Kate and Kei, and everyone’s friend – Ms. Martha Steward – Patrick and I were lucky enough to enjoy a delicious new pasta dish.  And it’s magical because the pasta cooks in one pot, with the … Continue reading

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Braised Shortribs with Goat Cheese Polenta

This weekend Patrick lovingly accompanied me to the farmer’s market and even carried my pounds and pounds of delicious summer fruit.  As a thank you, it only seemed fair to stop by the grass fed beef stand and make him … Continue reading

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BLTA Salad with Caeser-Ish Dressing

Patrick requested a light and tasty dinner, so I decided to make some creamy dressing and toss it with a BLTA salad.  This dinner was light and delicious with a Caesar-ish dressing — although I must admit, didn’t yield many … Continue reading

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Butter Lettuce Salad with Creamy Tomato Vinaigrette

I subscribe to Food & Wine, and love their monthly salad article.  This month, they adapted a recipe from chef Tim Love at Queenie’s Steakhouse in Denton, Texas.  The dressing was so delicious, and while I changed the simple salad … Continue reading

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Wild Rice Gratin

On December 25th, Ash and I, the Jewish wifeys, got together with Brock and Patrick, our husbands, to celebrate Christmas.  We started with a hike with Dakota and then cooked up a feast.  We made lamb chops, salad, homemade bread, … Continue reading

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Summer Lentil Succotash (and as a wrap!)

Following on my theme of making delicious foods with yummy, fresh in-summer produce, this recipe uses cherry tomatoes and corn to bring out the best of summer.  You can eat these lentils on their own, or as a wrap (that … Continue reading

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Fig, Proscuitto and Arugula Pizza

Homemade pizza is always a delicious treat – and I find that the tastier the toppings, the tastier the pizza.  Patrick loves the combination of sweet and salty (emphasis on the sweet), so this is his favorite one.  Salty prosciutto … Continue reading

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Protein-Packed Caesar Salad

Over time, I have really learned to love Caesar salad – it’s salty, flavorful, creamy, and fully of umami flavor.  However, the dressing is often heavy, high in fat/calories, and sometimes contains more sophisticated tastes (raw eggs, anchovies).  This recipe … Continue reading

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