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Chili Mac and Cheese II (or No Pre-Cook Mac & Cheese)

A while ago, I posted a recipe for chili mac and cheese.  Recently, I was deciding what to cook for Rose Friday, our mommy and me’s weekly get together, and I came across a recipe for mac and cheese that … Continue reading

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To meet her newest grandson, Simon’s Cucu (pronounced sho-sho), his grandmother from Kenya, came to visit.  In an attempt to make some Kenyan food, Patrick and I darted around the kitchen and made mokimo, a dish that combines potatoes, corn … Continue reading

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Tomato Basil Salad

For my first Mother’s Day, my mom and dad bought me an Alice Waters’ cookbook – The Art of Simple Food.  I’ve been reading it to learn new techniques, and picked up a few tips:  (1) cook with what is … Continue reading

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Adult Brazilian Limeade

Our mommy and me group got together with moms, dads and babies for a taco party.  Our gracious host requested margaritas, and when I offered to make them, but revealed I was going to use Jose Cuervo margarita mix – … Continue reading

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Herbed Veggie and Rice Casserole

So sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted!  I’ve been cooking a bit – but I have this little one attached to my chest at all times, so it’s been hard to find the time.  He’s a great “helper” in … Continue reading

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Brownie Cake Cookies

Every time a new Smitten Kitchen post passes through my email, I pretty much always want to make the recipe.  One of the most recent posts was no exception.  It was a recipe called the Browniest Cookies.  To be candid, … Continue reading

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Good Old Fashioned Meatloaf (MBL Style)

This weekend, Patrick and I decided comfort food would be a nice way to spend Sunday evening – especially after I left him alone all weekend while I attended Brittany’s bachelorette party.  We went for meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  The … Continue reading

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Perfect Homemade Pizza

I have always been a little afraid of making homemade pizza – I have an aversion to undercooked dough, and couldn’t stand the disappointment of spending time making my own dough, topping it and baking it only to come out … Continue reading

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Jewish Brisket (Grandma Gloria’s recipe)

With the Jewish holidays recently passed, and the baby in my belly asking me to eat a little more beef than usual, I felt like whipping up a brisket.  Grandma sent me this recipe while I was in college and … Continue reading

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Vodka Sauce

Perusing Pinterest, I came across a pretty tasty looking recipe for vodka sauce.  I’m not usually one to cook with cream, but the recipe writer said she wasn’t either.  It looked like a pretty simple recipe, not overly creamy, but … Continue reading

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